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Essential Signature Program

  • 14pasos
Todos los que completen todos los pasos del programa obtendrán una insignia.


The Essential Signature Program is specially designed to support your journey after your first holistic hypnotherapy session. You'll find self-hypnosis audios, exercises and resources to practice step by step. You will be changing from within, into to a higher state of being, a New Empowered You. Experiencing physical reality in a whole different way: by being positive, compassionate, understanding and less reactive. You'll be more aligned to who you truly are, and attuned to your purpose in life. This program will guide you on how to align with your true-self, inner self, the core part of us. And how to reconnect with it, when unbalanced. You'll practice, by a guided meditation, how to connect with your Higher Self/Mind or Divine Self, to receive its guidance. You'll be receiving answers about your purpose in life, your passion, a special message, and more. You'll be practicing how to communicate in higher planes of consciousness. We believe it's our birth-right to know how to align with who we really are (true-self) and to consciously be connected to our Higher Self/Mind. Those are basic foundations to navigate this reality. I suggest to follow the steps and don't skip one. Each step builds up on the previous one. Support your personal and soul growth with this program. Questions regarding your experience or the program? Reach us by email at Unconditional love to you. Namaste PD: have fun !

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