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QHPath (Quantum Healing Path)

guides you to change from within.

Leads you to a recreation of yourself

into an Empowered New You.

Allowing you to experience life

with purpose, passion and 

aligned to who you truly are.

QHPath uses a holistic approach in hypnosis.

Provides support at the whole person,

 the mind, the body and the spiritual being.

We use interactive process

from a special collection of techniques

for healing painful emotional patterns,

negative core beliefs and 

discover untapped resources

of inner power.

 Change is facilitated

from within yourself

by creating

New Pathways in your brain.

QHPath empowers You

to express yourself freely

in your unique way.

To follow your passion

and purpose in life,

aligned to who you truly are.

Creating and manifesting 

the life you desire to experience

by knowing how reality works.

The relationship with yourself

is the most important one.

It is the blueprint

to all relationships.

QHPath Holistic Sessions 

are based on: 


Alchemical Hypnotherapy

(Interactive processes based

on Carl Jung, Gestalt and


Past-Life Regression Therapy

(Regression Therapy)

IH- Introspective Hypnosis

(Interactive processes

in the subconscious & superconscious)

BQH - Beyond Quantum Healing

(Exploration of consciousness)

 Spiritual Life Coaching

(Spiritual based coaching)

Spiritual Mentorship

(Spiritual Guidance through channeling)

Intuitive Energy Healing

(Usui Reiki & Pranic Healing)

Intuitive Quantum Healing

(Psychic/Intuitive Reading & Channeling)

Our psychosomatic symptoms

(physical symptoms that are caused

by psychological or emotional factors)

are a synthesis of

a stressful experience or trauma; 

a memory associated 

with an emotional burden

without being processed properly.

It will become a blockage,

a fear or inability to do certain things,

a disease, pain in your body,

feeling stuck, disempowered, etc.

We are Multidimensional Beings,

for our subconscious mind

time does not exist. 

We may be re-living

a traumatic experience 

all over again when it is triggered

at our present moment.

A fragmented part of the self

is created when we couldn't

processed the trauma

in a healthy way.

That part will

appear in the present

when we encounter

a similar situation.

In our minds, we are back

at that moment in time, 

it feels like it;

but physically, we're not.

Examples are phobias, fears,

anxiety, etc. Those are

the expression of a

limited belief created

by an external cause.

Those past traumatic experiences

could be from past lives or

from this present life.

Time does not exist 

for the subconscious mind.



Beliefs, emotions, thoughts

and behaviors create

a state of being.

It is the signal in frequency

we send to the quantum field.

Our physical reality is a 

reflection of our consciousness

(limited core beliefs,

definitions, actions, etc).

If our state of being

is at a high vibration,

the quantum field will reflect

that in our reality by 

experiencing synchronicities

and perceiving life 

smoother and balanced.

We cannot perceive

what we are not in 

the vibration of.

When we hold very strong emotions

or thoughts for a long time,

we could create physical and/or 

mental diseases, pain, etc.

by concentrating its energy

in any part of the body.

All pain is resistance to

the natural self.

In a trance state

we can have a conversation

with the illness or disease

by accessing the memory

 in that part of the body

that created it.

It would be a

symbolic representation

that would tell us

what is the message

that this disease

or illness is trying to tell us.

Our chakras (energy centers)

are power stations, and they 

have physical and psychological functions,

and they're also affected by our emotions,

thoughts and habits.

Clearing and Balancing​

your chakras could have

a beneficial effect to the whole You.

It is not a requisite to believe

in past lives, or have a special

or no religion at all. It doesn't matter.

As any hypnotist,

what is real for your subconscious mind

is real to us, and we treat it as such, 

because it is affecting your life.

Holistic  Hypnosis

 does Not Follow the

typical clinical hypnosis model.

There are many myths surrounding hypnosis, 

like people may act against their will

or reveal private information.

Well, it is not true. 

The hypnotic state is like a deep meditation state,

you are awake and aware of everything.

It is like watching a movie, 

daydreaming, reading, etc.

You are always in control. 

When in an hypnotic trance,

you are in a relaxed and focused state,

and through visualization,

 your senses and emotions

you will go to that guided moment

to address what is needed.


Each experience is unique to the individual

and limitless in its scope.

For spiritual explorers,

with the expansion of consciousness

that you can experience with hypnosis,

more than just Past Lives

are available for you.

You may experience Future Lives,

Parallel Lives, Lives on Other Planets,

Lives in other Dimensions.

Also, you may encounter events

related to your current life

that will have a special meaning

to your situation.

Much Love,

Lila Cabral Acosta, Cht

Certified Hypnotist

Spiritual Mentor

Certified Hypnotist
carl jung


Abstract Background
"I have to say I was hesitant about the whole thing because
I have never done a session before!
Lila was amazing prior to my session we spoke and
she answered every question I had gave details on what to expect and what the session was about!
I was so nervous but she guided me through it all!
Her calming voice was so soothing to hear she assured
I felt safe and calm! The session went great!
What an experience I’m still feel the whole experience
Lila I can’t thank you enough for this it has brought light and peace I so desperately needed!
I would recommend 10000% Lila is great!"
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