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Open Mind

Come with an open mind

and no expectations.

The success of your session

depends on how ready

you are to release 

old energies, unhealthy patterns

and judgements.

Start your session with

an open mind and

no expectations.

Your Subconscious mind

will be leading the session,

so the unexpected may arise.

But at the end, it will show you

what you need to work on

during the session.

Do not use any recreational drugs

 48 hrs before or during the session.

Quiet Time

 It is Not a Must, 

but it could help you

to become more centered

and grounded.

If you meditate, do so anytime

to clear your mind and

connect to your consciousness.

If meditation may become a challenge,

there are so many

guided meditations

on YouTube,

very easy to follow

and you'll be able to let go. 

Also you can do something

that just relaxes you

and transports you,

like taking a walk in nature,

soothing music, yoga,

grounding in nature, etc.

Visualization exercise

You can practice by

using your imagination

with guided meditations. 

Choose the one you feel 

more incline to,

and just imagine

what they're saying.

Try to use all your senses.

Headphones (virtual only)

It is very important to use

headphones with microphone

during your virtual session.

If possible, with

noise cancellation.

When in trance, we tend

to speak softer.

Reliable internet connection

is a must.

Electronics (virtual only)

You can choose between

your phone, tablet or laptop

to use in your virtual session.

Maker sure the notifications

are off and it is fully charged.

Reliable internet is a must.

If for any reason the internet

disconnect during the session

, don't worry, we reconnect again.

Download the free app Zoom

in your electronic before the session,

and set up the audio. It is very easy.


Your session is a private session.

Confidentiality and safety

are my first concern.

That is why spouses/partners/friends

are not allowed to be present.

You may share your recording

at your discretion.


 All the answers

are within You,

and are accessible

by You.  


           Lila J. Cabral Acosta, Cht

Holistic  Hypnotherapist

White Sheet
Abstract Background



Abstract Background
"In a word...Brilliant, that is what I would estimate is worthy
of the experience I had with Lila during my first hypnotherapy session. I was coming to this experience completely
undiluted with other notions as to what to experience or
the impressions of other reviewers, truly was a blind buy so to speak. Though I will not go into the details of
what was uncovered during the session what
I will say that my life as it now will be, is forever changed for lifetimes to come. God bless you LIla and thank you for the endless support
you have given to my spiritual growth as well as
the strength into the very core of my being.
I without reservation would recommend you to
my closest loved ones and I look forward to session two.
May the journey continue."
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