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Exceptional - QHPath Hypnosis Session

Connecting and Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit. Most extraordinary.

  • 3 h 30 min
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  • Online & In Person Session

Descripción del servicio

QHPath uses a holistic approach in hypnosis connecting Mind, Body & Spirit. With hypnosis you can achieve a deep state of high consciousness, accessing deeply and directly into the subconscious mind to heal painful emotional patterns, negative core beliefs and discover untapped resources of inner power. The Exceptional Hypnosis Session is about connecting Mind, Body & Spirit. The FIRST part of the session is about connecting with your True-Self. It's the state of being when you feel free to express yourself in your unique way, when you're free of limited beliefs, negative thoughts or low frequency emotions. When you are aligned, you express the highest version of yourself. What career path would you choose if you were aligned to who you truly are ? Would it be the one you are on today? What choices would be different if you were free of limited beliefs? How does it feel to be free to express yourself in your own way ? When you are aligned, you experience life feeling empowered, free, confident, compassionate, connected and manifesting the life you desire. The SECOND part of the session, it is connecting with your Higher Self and your Spiritual Guides. You can ask up to 10 personal questions to your subconscious mind or Higher Self, like 'What is the purpose of my life?', ' How can improve my relationship?' What is the meaning of my recurrent dream?' , 'Can you show me a past-life that is affecting me today?', etc. There are Not silly or Smart questions, just important questions for you. The THIRD part of the session is finding the root cause of one issue or blockage you want to overcome. When finding the origin of emotional, mental or physical issue, you have the most important tool to work on to finally resolve it. In a holistic hypnosis session are many strategies to help you overcome it. The FOURTH part of the session is balancing and energizing your energetic body. At the Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Cave, you'll transform your energetic body (chakras and aura) into balance and harmony. You'll find out memories stored in the energetic body that are creating issues in the physical body. If your body would speak, this would be the way. A surreal experience ! And more. Learn more about this transformative and powerful session, book a free consultation online or by email : or by phone or text message: (01) 407.573.5155 & WhatsApp

Política de cancelación

If you need to reschedule or cancel your virtual meeting, no problem ! Just let us know as soon as possible. You can cancel it by replying from the confirmation email received or by text message. No questions ask. Feel free to reschedule it online with a more suitable time for you. Thank you for choosing QHPath !

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3er Floor 7208 West Sand Lake Road suite 305, Orlando, FL, USA

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