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Rebirth Signature Series

Mastering the Art of Physical Reality

  • 7 h 30 min
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Descripción del servicio

Rebirth Signature Series: Master Your Reality with Transformative Hypnosis The Rebirth Signature Series offers three powerful hypnosis sessions designed to align your experiences with your true purpose. Transform into the highest frequency version of yourself and master the quantum field through this comprehensive holistic package. Session Highlights: First Session: Connect with Your True Authentic Self *Discover your purpose and passion in life. *Connect with your subconscious mind or Higher Self to ask up to 10 personal questions. *Learn the significance of state of being, frequency, and authenticity. *Enhance your intuition and connection. *Address limiting beliefs, blocks, and past lives. Second Session: Integrate and Balance Your Self *Identify and integrate unbalanced or fragmented parts of yourself. *Understand low-frequency emotions as messengers of misaligned beliefs. *Engage in shadow work and address core limiting beliefs. *Focus on frequency, vibration, and self-integration. Third Session: Techniques for Alignment *Learn techniques to respond to triggers and des-alignment. *Practice identification and des-identification processes. *Create a connection with your Future Self for ongoing guidance. *Experience an energy alignment across all chakras and your energetic field. Holistic Package Includes: *Virtual consultation *Three (3) holistic hypnosis sessions (up to 2.5 hours each), totaling up to 7.5 hours *Three (3) Spiritual Life Coaching sessions (up to 1 hour each) *Personal recordings of each session *Hypnotic audios tailored to your needs *Resources and workbook Learn More: Transform your life with this comprehensive series. Book a free consultation online or contact us via text message, email, or WhatsApp for more information.

Política de cancelación

If you need to reschedule or cancel your virtual meeting, no problem ! Just let us know as soon as possible. You can cancel it by replying from the confirmation email received or by text message. No questions ask. Feel free to reschedule it online with a more suitable time for you. Thank you for choosing QHPath !

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3er Floor 7208 West Sand Lake Road suite 305, Orlando, FL, USA

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