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Live & Virtual

Welcome to our live virtual workshop on consciousness exploration!

In this transformative experience, we aim to provide a diverse range of themes and activities designed to expand your understanding of consciousness and deepen your self-awareness.

Our workshop offers a safe and supportive environment where participants can engage in immersive discussions, experiential exercises, guided meditations and/or hypnosis group sessions.

Let's dive into the main paragraphs explaining the services we offer:

1. Expert Facilitators:
These facilitators are experienced practitioners and certified hypnotists

that will guide you through the workshop, offering their expertise,

insights, and practical tools for self-discovery.

2. Diverse Themes:
We offer different themes with an array of interests an
d perspectives on consciousness exploration. Whether you are interested in Past-Life Regression, Connection to your Higher-Self and Spiritual Guides,

or discovering your True-Self, Future-Self version,

Mind - Body Connection, Other Dimensions and E.T contact,

and more themes to explore. 

Each theme is thoughtfully curated to provide

a holistic and highly experimental approach.


3. Engaging Presentations and Discussions:
The workshop includes engaging presentations by facilitators, where they share their knowledge, experiences, and research findings.

These presentations are designed to spark thought-provoking discussions

and encourage participants to reflect on their own experiences

of consciousness. We also allocate dedicated time

for interactive group discussions, where participants can exchange ideas,

ask questions, and engage in meaningful dialogue.

4. Experiential Exercises and Practices:
We believe that true understanding comes through direct experience.

Throughout the workshop, you will have the opportunity

to participate in experiential exercises and practices

that facilitate deep exploration and self-inquiry.

These may include guided meditations, group hypnosis,

mindfulness practices, breathwork sessions, visualizations,

and embodiment exercises. The experiential aspect ensures

that you not only gain intellectual knowledge

but also embody and integrate the concepts into your daily life.

5. Practical Tools and Techniques:
Our workshop goes beyond theoretical discussions

by providing practical tools and techniques that you can apply

to your own inner exploration journey.

Facilitators will share specific practices, exercises,

and methodologies that can assist you in expanding

your consciousness, enhancing self-awareness,

and developing a more profound connection with yourself

and the world around you.

These tools are designed to empower you to continue

your exploration long after the workshop concludes.

In summary, our live virtual workshop offers

a transformative experience

with expert facilitators, diverse themes,

engaging presentations,

experiential exercises, and practical tools.

We invite you to embark on this journey of self-discovery,

open your mind to new possibilities,

and deepen your understanding of

consciousness in all its facets.

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